Dixy Chicken

Dixy Chicken

Fresh, Crispy, Juicy Chicken!

At Dixy, we have something to stimulate every taste bud! We are known for our variety and the healthy options on our menu. As well as serving juicy, tender, crispy coated chicken using our unique blend of spices, our menu also offers grilled chicken, a variety of fresh salads, desserts, and other side dishes.

The menu is extensive and all you have got to worry about is what you are going to choose today. Perhaps a Sizzler Salad or something a little different like a breast fillet Burger, or if you’re really hungry a classic 3-piece meal would no doubt fit the bill. And talking of the ‘bill’, Dixy Chicken offers not only some of the best food on the high street, but some of the best value too.

So whatever the choice, no-one goes away disappointed! Love Food, Love Dixy!

Address: 185 Wendesbury Road, Walsall, WS2 9QL

Phone Number: 01922721227

Email: dixychicken_walsall@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.dixychicken.com

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