Bequest Wills

Bequest Wills

Bequest Wills want families to be comfortable knowing what they have worked hard for will go to their loved ones. They can work via home visits, online or over the phone, whichever way suits you. They can put plans into motion for your future to make sure your wishes are in place and can advise and help you how to do it in the most reassuring and easily understood way. Without burdening or worrying others and without all the jargon that most people just nod their head to without understanding. They are a family helping other families in a loving way a family would.

Address: 110 Bishops Gate London EC2N 4AD

Phone Number: 07870762072



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  • Suite 4
  • The Old Foundry
  • Bath St, Walsall
  • WS1 3BZ
  • 07827 738 349