Ba Ba Reeba, Authentic Spanish Restaurant

Ba Ba Reeba, Authentic Spanish Restaurant

“Ba Ba Reeba” A name associated with being quick to deliver excitement.

Food is as integral to Spain as its rich history with each of Spain’s regions, home to a range of unique cuisines and flavors. At Ba Ba Reeba, they have applied this meaning to their unique, yet traditional, Spanish cuisines.
The story starts with two young lads from Walsall whose journey brought them to the Catalan City of Barcelona. Here they experienced a rich blend of ingredients and methods influenced by the Spanish historical processes throughout time.

Inspired by blends of Greek, Roman (Italian), Arabic and North African cuisines throughout Spanish history, they brought this inspiration back to Walsall and Ba Ba Reeba was opened.

Their chef has spent the last 14 years in Barcelona working for a five star restaurant ( Le Meridien ), under the supervision and influence of Michelin chefs and worked with the best group of Spanish chefs in Spain.

Ba Ba Reeba pride themselves in serving the finest quality of food. Every dish and plate is cooked with fresh ingredients and prepared with care and love. Their chef is passionate and creative, has a strong focus on delivering high quality food and presentation.

Their menu has choices to suite ALL taste and appetites. From succulent juicy steaks made from the best beef selected and hand picked out, to a delicious range of seafood and a desi fusion menu, giving you a variety of choices to enjoy.

Ba Ba Reeba has created some of most exotic fusion of spices and aims to bring you inspired Spanish food. So come and dine in their 50 seater, cosy , beautifully designed restaurant, as they promise to make your visit pleasant and enjoyable

Address: 43a Goodall Street, Walsall WS1 1QJ

Phone Number: 01922320486



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  • Suite 4
  • The Old Foundry
  • Bath St, Walsall
  • WS1 3BZ
  • 07827 738 349